Event of the week: Sunday in Westwood!

Event of the week: Sunday in Westwood!

Live Music, mimosa, and Pancake Brunch: Presented by PROnoise and Outlisten

Tired of seeing all the Coachella statuses because you’re one of the many that doesn’t want to shell out an outrageous amount of money to see some bands?  Yeah, some of us are bitter about it too.  Have no fear; FAST has got you covered with a smaller event happening here in Westwood.  And you won’t have to be waiting around in the rainy (and muddy) Indio.

PROnoise is partnering up with Outlisten to throw an event this Sunday, April 15th, in Westwood featuring a few up and coming artists based in Los Angeles.  Some still attend UCLA so you know we at FAST want to support this awesome idea.  We're all about keeping it local.

The event starts at 1:00 pm; no one wants to wake up early on a Sunday.
Contact PROnoise at info@pronoise.com for the address and more information.
3 different groups will be featured:

Rachel Roberts: 

The Internship

Katie Boeck

Pay $5 on pronoise.eventbrite.com for your hearts content of pancakes, mimosas, and local music; Or you can donate at the door.
Don’t forget to check out www.pronoise.com and vote on which bands bring the fire and which ones sizzle.

See you all there!


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