For the Love of Fashion: Holographic Shine?

    “For the Love of Fashion” is a weekly column on the FAST blog that breaks down the trends that may have you scratching your head. 

 Zetus Lapetus! Zenon, girl of the 21st century, would be totally stoked that the holographic trend is on the rise.
     This futuristic finish is a cheeky nod to every tacky 80's movie representation of “the future.” But not to worry, this modern take on the rainbow shine is definitely one of the coolest and most wearable Spring/Summer trends. Mostly seen on vinyl shoes, bags, and jewelry, the holographic sheen adds a little bit of glimmer to any boring look. However, we do recommend moderation so as not to risk looking gaudy.

Left: A bold take on the trend; Right: Rita Ora with a holographic clutch

Miista Oxford

"Silver Holo", Urban Outfitters

      If you’re looking for a quick fix without blowing your budget on this hot summer trend, Urban Outfitters recently released a line of holographic nail polish. “Silver holo” is a silver shade that dazzles in the sunlight and is a sure eye-catcher. You go, Supernova Girl.

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