Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashion and Films: Clueless

There is no denying that 90's fashion has come back in full force, and there is no better place to get inspired for 90's dressing than the classic 90's teen film Clueless. 

For most of us today, 90's inspired dressing calls for shredded high wasted shorts, slouchy tees, and plaid--lots and lots of plaid. But is that all there is to it? As Cher would say: Ugh. As if! Clueless perfectly captures the element of 90's fashion that is often forgotten about in today's stylized version of the era--outrageous and unapologetic preppiness.

These over-the-top styles are are a kick to look back at for nostaligia's sake, but lets take a cue from Wildfox Couture's SS13 look book and give these styles a modern spin. Clearly, its time to break out the thigh high white socks, monochome short suits, crop tops, micro cardigans, and mini skirts. We couldn't be more excited to give the trend a try.

Plus who wouldn't want Cher's massive computerized closet? Our question is, can it fit in our dorm room?

Wildfox Couture

The Blog Team


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