Fashion in Tune: The Turban

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The turban's true origins as a fashion accessory may be a bit hard to wrap our heads around, but what we do know is that the bold unconventional trend has been worn by musicians for a number of years. This eastern-influenced head scarf has been seen on the likes of  The Queen of Neo-soul, Erykah Badu and even earlier on the head of recently deceased 60's R&B singer, The Mighty Hannibal. And up-and-coming Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna, only continues this trend by covering her hair with brightly patterned fabric. In doing so the artist not only finds herself standing out against a sea of indistinguishable pop stars, but also retaining the ability to express herself as a Muslim woman, or in other words as a mipster
Whether wearing a turban for fashion, religion, or a combination of both, we're all for the freedom of self-expression that the realm of music and style allows for.

Yuna expressing herself in a turban
Image via KCRW
Gap advertisement sparks controversy in featuring a Sikh man in a turban
Image via Huffington Post
The Mighty Hannibal, known for songs with strong social commentary
Image via In Dangerous Rhythm
Erykah Badu, turban-wearing musician/activist
Image via 

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