Fashion in Tune: Haim

Haim feature on the Spring 2014 issue of V Magazine
 Image via V Magazine

Haim, a band made up of three sisters, released their first album Days are Gone last fall, successfully crafting their own sound by combining the genre's of the past. With a 70's/80's pop rock style intertwined with a bit of 90's R&B, Haim extends their music history knowledge to their fashion sense, expressing themselves as part 70's bohemian flower children, part 80's Stevie Nicks, part 90's grunge, topped off with a bit of present day festival goer. All in all, Haim is able to take what they know and love; what many of us know and love, and mix it all together to create a band with an individual music and fashion style.

 Image via Foam Magazine
Image via Motel Blog

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