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Birkenstocks are in! That’s right people, the insanely comfortable, mold-to-your-feet, arch supporting shoes are in! I know what you’re thinking…no way, those hippy, frumpy, unfashionable shoes are never going to be in. If this is you, then it looks like you’re in need of a fashion update. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place, but first, a little history on the company.

When Birkenstocks were first invented in the 1960s, they were seen as the shoe of comfort, often worn by people who worked on their feet all day and had little desire to be seen as fashion forward. Birkenstocks were later adopted by the “flower children” of the 1990s, creating an association between the shoes and the hippy lifestyle. Today, Birkenstocks are in the mist of a huge popularity surge, especially amongst celebrities. Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen, Julianne Moore, Leonard DiCaprio, Amy Poehler, and Alexa Chung are often seen sporting a pair of Birkenstocks. Heidi Klum, an avid Birkenstock fan, even designs shoes for the company. 

So how are the stars wearing these marvelous shoes and still looking totally chic? It’s all about the recently released colors and styles of the shoes. Birkenstock sandals now come in almost every color, including ultra hip white, taupe, matte black, and even metallic silver. The new styles include three skinny straps (the Florida), between the toes (the Gizeh), crisscross straps (the Mayari), and even one strap (the Madrid), among many others. 

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your old Birkenstock stereotypes and order yourself a pair of these foot savers. It’s not every day comfort and fashion go hand in hand.

- Giselle


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