If you read my last post regarding leggings and their misguided use as pants these days, I bet you’ve got a bone to pick with me…or at least a couple questions. If your thought process went something along the lines of “Oh no she didn’t!” or “How can leggings not be pants?” or at the very least “But what about my lululs?!” I understand your anger and confusion and hopefully, I can clear it all up for you. 
I believe the root of the problem here is that most people don’t know the difference between stockings, tights, leggings, and yoga pants. While people often use these terms interchangeably, they actually refer to very different articles of clothing. 

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these four types of bottom-wear:

Feet: Cover the foot
Material: Nylon
Style: Opaque, sheer, fishnet 
How to Wear: Stockings are like sheer thigh high socks. They are two separate pieces that cover from the foot to the top of the knee.
Wearable as Pants: No

Feet: Cover the Foot
Material: Nylon
Style: Opaque, sheer, fishnet 
How to Wear: Tights cover the body from the foot to the waist. They are often sheer enough to be see through and are prone to snags and “runs” due to the nylon material.
Wearable as Pants: No

Feet: Footless
Material: Cotton
Style: Range of colors, patterns, and designs
How to Wear: Leggings cover the body from the hip to the ankle. They are less see through than tights but can become see-through if stretched (i.e. bending over). 
Wearable as Pants: Not Recommended 

Yoga pants/Lulus
Feet: Footless
Material: Lyrca Blend
Style: Range of colors, patterns, and designs
How to Wear: Yoga pants cover the body from hip to ankle. The fabric does not become see through when stretched. Made for exercise but can be worn as pants.
Wearable as Pants: Yes

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In conclusion, yoga pants and lulus are the only non-pants that can be worn as pants. Stockings, tights, and leggings, though they may sometimes look like pants, should be worn strictly as an undergarment. But please keep in mind, while your lulus may last forever, that doesn’t mean that they don’t get old. 

- Giselle


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