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While I wouldn’t pay to see Taylor Swift perform her music (a lot has changed since middle school), I would be willing to throw down some big bills to get access to her closet. Though the quality of her music may be up to debate, I am first to admit that her fashion sense is down right flawless. From her elegant gowns to her adorable pleaded skirts, she personifies elegance in simplicity, somehow managing to look both effortless and runway worthy every time she steps out of her house. If she didn’t look so adorable all the time, I’d most likely hate her. 

This year, Swift has rocked many amazing outfits, but my favorite so far have been her two-piece sets. Perfect for the warm spring weather hitting LA, these two-piece sets are fashion forward yet simple and easy to style. 

TSwift once said “I definitely think about a million people when I get dressed in the morning.”

Well keep up the good work Taylor, so we can skip the million people and just keep thinking about you. 



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