As we get close to the end of the school year and welcome summer, I thought that I would list out a few pieces that are essential for a perfect summer vacation!

First, everyone needs an outfit for the beach to ensure they are fufilling that #CaliforniaClassic stereotype. I really love this Lace Shadows Kimono from Shady's Closet.It's so easy to throw over a swimsuit and would look very hip if paired with some Full Moon Shades
Next, I love this romper from Nasty GalHow perfect would this two piece outfit look as you walk down Third Street Promenade or even the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I love the beachy feel it gives off as well as the casual nature, as if it could be worn everyday.Also, I am OBSESSED with these Sam Edelman Yates Leather Sandals. 

I love how unique they are, but also, I love the strapiness. I am starting to welcome the strappy heel trend with open arms as I enjoy the summer sun!

Sounds like you're all ready for summer, but all good things must come an end! See you all in the fall!

photo via Tumblr

You know you'll miss me... 

XOXO, Karli


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