I stared at my own reflection as I twirled sideways to admire how my skater dress clung beautifully to my thin waist; I sucked my tummy in, feeling pleased that that hardly made a difference to how I looked. However my admiration came to an abrupt halt when I saw how big my butt looked. I felt almost disproportionate. 

Have you had a similar, perhaps more toned down or maybe even more intense moments? I think this is a common struggle for pear-shaped girls, especially when we seek to imitate styles meant for thinner women, such as flouncy midi-skirts, boyfriend jeans or oversized sweaters. I tend to swim in those clothes and hide my assets. This is when I realized I really need to learn to dress for my body. 

Of course, just because certain permutations of the previously mentioned trends didn't suit my body, doesn't mean they're objectively forbidden for women with wider hips. I'm still experimenting and maybe pairing clothes in a certain way will do the trick. However, I would like share what I've learnt through my limited explorations.

High-Waisted Skinny Jeans
Skinny high-waisted jeans can be your best friend, especially the ones from Fashion Nova. Not only can you draw inspiration from outfits of the pear-shaped, curvier models, but the elastic yet shaping fabric of their jeans really synches your waist and gives your tush some oomph.

Celebrity Inspiration
If you like to follow fashion bloggers or are on Pinterest, make an effort to find bloggers and models with bodies similar to you. I really like Kylie Jenner's style and following her has given me tons of tips for dressing for my body.

Body-Con Maxi Dresses

Body-con maxis can do wonders for your body, they highlight classical figures like Iggy Azalea in a gorgeous way.

Sleeveless Jackets
Oversized winter clothes tend to hide our bodies- try sleeveless jackets to draw attention to the arms and balance out wider hips.

I hope these tips help you start dressing for your body! Don't be afraid to try on outrageous things, it's that exploration that helps you truly discover what works for you.



  1. Hi!! whats the name of the girl in the last pic? Is she a fashion blogger? xx

  2. hello! you have a gorgeous body and you look really beautifull in the high waist jeans. may i know your body measurement? im pear too and i wanna know if i can lose weight, i can look as good as you too. XD

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