Since Game of Throne’s pilot in 2011, its epic, medieval-meets-modern costumes have been inspiring not only runway fashion but casual street trends as well. From plunging necklines and fierce cutouts to Grecian gowns and flowing capes, you can always count on the GOT costume designers to create stunning, otherworldly pieces by utilizing current trends. Take a look at my favorite pieces from past GOT episodes, and the corresponding modern trends used in these costumes.


Whether on the red carpet or the street, cape dresses and gowns are elegant, trendy, and just about everywhere lately.
In addition to its statement neckpiece featuring three intertwined dragons, this sophisticated, floor-length gown features a cape that resembles so many modern red-carpet looks. Daenerys' outfit is so elegant we almost forget she’s spending the seemingly lovely afternoon at the gruesome fighting pits.

Sansa looks as chic and badass as ever in this caped, fur-lined, coat paired with black leather gloves.

Edgy, geometric cutouts have been popular for a few years now, but this sexy trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
GOT fans may forever hold a vendetta against these irritating Sand Snakes for killing off some semi-beloved characters, but you can’t deny their sense of style. Just look at that neckline.

This infamously edgy dress is one of Daenerys’ most revealing looks (apart from her habit of burning her clothes completely off, of course). However, the sharp, structured shoulders keep her looking fierce and warrior-esc.

Like cutouts, the Greek (goddess) inspired gown has been around for quite some time. GOT costume-designers love this trend, and utilize it for many of the more feminine, summery outfits in the series.
Margaery looks gorgeously powerful and goddess-like in this flowing gown. Its peek-a-boo shoulder look is also a popular trend in long-sleeved dresses right now.

This Greek-inspired outfit features a cape, a crisscross neckline, and cutouts while remaining simple, modest, and classy.

As you may have seen at this year’s Met Gala, metallics are currently hotter than Daenerys’ fire-breathing dragons. Apart from the abundance of shiny armor, GOT costume-designers often feature metallics in characters’ everyday outfits as well.
Missandei’s two pieces are always killer, and she looks amazing in this metallic, Hunger Games-esc top paired with softer, flowing pants.

These two dresses share the same colors and patterns, but have completely different feels to them. While the first dress is feminine and graceful, the second is much fiercer and almost armor-like. I absolutely love both these outfits—especially the light blue contrasting with the metallic gold.

If you made it this far, you now know that—contrary to popular belief—Game of Thrones characters do, in fact, wear clothes on occasion. I hope you were as impressed with these costumes as I was, and feel inspired to add a little GOT flare to your future outfits!



  1. Love the idea. GOT has certainly inspired a lot from a fashion sense and many has and are working on this theme. We tried to do that as well.



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