If You've Got It, Haunt It

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Halloween is the best time to play dress up in anything from glam to spooky.
Scroll down for simple ways to spice up your Halloween costume, using a limited color palette.

Just My Blood Type

Dress up as a vampire with black clothes, tights, and a choker. Draw on blood dripping from your mouth using red paint or lipstick. You'll be fangtastic.

Night class.

- Welcome to Powell -



Purple dyed hair for a sprinkle of spook. Look classy and polished with pearl jewelry.

Taylor Swift

Pair a red dress with gold jewelry, like a choker, and you have the red-obsessed TSwift. Tell people you are any version of her, including the sassiest but most recent: "Look What You Made Me Do."
The old Taylor is dead.

(If you have friends dressing up as cats, you know what to do -- Taylor Swift and her kitties.)

Heaven and Hell

Get your best friend to do the whole angel/devil duo with you. All you need are black (or red) and white clothes, devil horns, and a halo. 
Good or bad, heaven or hell.


Treat yourself like a princess everyday -- put on that crown.

Balancing the good and the bad.


For the person who loves comfy wear -- an effortless onesie.

Just casually hiding in a tree. Nbd. 

Kitty Cat

The easiest costume to pull off -- merely dress up in black clothes and accessorize with cat ears.

Fierce cat squad.

Girl Squad

For the girls out there who love to wear all black.

The Boys

Have some fun dressing up in onesies or as a TV show character (like Rick from Rick and Morty).

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Cheers witches.
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  1. you look totally amazing and smoking hot. i dont know if people would find you scary or beautiful. i like the light ideas and staying on the theme


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