Sleigh the Season: Holiday Sweaters


It’s officially Christmas festivity season! I, for one, am in full Christmas festivity mode - Christmas carols, decorations, hot chocolates and, of course, fashion. We’re talking Christmas earrings, socks, nails, velvet, and the oh-so-necessary Christmas sweater. Whether you’re scouting out the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for an ugly Christmas sweater party or simply looking for a cute and comfy seasonal sweater, I’m offering up some festive ideas for a budget seasonal sweater. So don’t worry if you spent a tad more on Black Friday than you planned.
Where to Buy It:
Your neighborhood Goodwill or thrift stores or a place like Forever 21 and Target, who both have decent selections.
Now for some inspiration and ideas!
If You’re an Ugly Christmas Sweater Traditionalist:
It’s in a bright hue and lights up! What more could you want?
If You Like a Traditional Look, But Cuter:
This may be in a classic Christmas sweater style, but the jury is definitely out on whether it qualifies as “ugly.”
If You love a Good Pun:
Why wouldn’t you want to up your sweater’s tackiness with a festive pun? Go ahead, be punderful this holiday season.
If You’d Rather Have a Cute Animal:
Or you could opt for something undeniably cute instead. Who doesn’t like penguins?
If You’re Obsessed with Stranger Things:
Who cares if it’s technically a men’s sweater? Why should they get all of the festive fan fun?
The DIY attempt:
So you got a last minute invite to a holiday party, did you? Or did your trip to Goodwill not yield something suitably tacky? Fret not! Grab any tinsel, ribbon, and bells you can find. Wrap some tinsel around the sweater – you can opt for it around the middle or as a sleeve trim. The ribbon offers multiple options; you could tie it in bows and glue them onto the sweater or weave it through, if the sweater’s stitches will stretch. Same with any bells – if you want to go a more permanent route, you may even want to attach them with thread. Pom-poms can go anywhere you so desire, and you can take it up a notch by using small ornaments in a similar fashion. Some felt and glue are also excellent additions, and if you’re feeling really bold, attempt to incorporate some lights (I assume fairy lights would be the easiest)!
Add in red &/or green nails, reindeer antlers, and a gift wrap bow in your hair (just bobby pin a gift wrap bow in your hair) and you’ll be sure to bring everyone cheer!
Hopefully this helps you on your seasonal sweater quest!

Now put your ugly sweater on and spread that holiday cheer!

Kaitlyn Dietlin
FAST Blogger


  1. A very interesting and fun to read blog post. Yes it's officially Christmas season with these amazing snowfall and these cold dark winter night. Don't we just love this


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