Student Trend Saturdays - Trendy Sneakers

Sneakers first emerged in the early 20th century, designed to provide optimal support for athletes. While we all now know that you don’t have to be athletically inclined to wear sneakers, it wasn’t until the early 1950s that sneakers were hitting the streets as everyday wear. 

As Week 7 says goodbye and Week 8 starts to come around, sneakers are beyond a practical option for a busy college lifestyle. UCLA students are constantly on the go from dealing with week 8 midterms (who thought that was a good idea!?), club meetings, readings, trying to have a social life and trying to get enough sleep. There are only so many hours in the week, and the weekdays are packed with places to go and people to meet. 

Check out some of the ways UCLA students manage to balance busy lives while looking stylish:

Name: Katie Kim
IG: @katiexkim
Major: Communications
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom


Name: Emily Laughterbach
IG: @emilyy.hope
Major: Economics 
Year: Sophomore 
Favorite place to shop: American Eagle 

Name: Marley Maron 
Major: Photography
Year: Senior

Name: Ella Manqui
Fun Fact: Ella is a former FAST model!

Name: Maasai Godwin 
IG: @maasaipg
Major: World Arts and Cultures/ Dance
Year: Freshman

Name: Julia Shapero 
IG: @juliashapero
Major: Political Science
Year: Freshman 
Favorite place to shop: Urban Outfitters

Name: Logan Shurtz
IG: lshurtz33
Major: Psychology
Year: Junior

Name: Rita Chang
IG: @ritapitachip
Major: Pre-Economics
Year: Sophomore 
Favorite place to shop: Brandy Melville


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