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S    E    R    I    E    S      2

I know for a fact that I’m not the only UCLA student who has walked into Powell and thought-- “Ahhh. Hogwarts.” Though you can’t check out Standard Book Of Spells or 1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi from our library, you can definitely channel your inner-wizard this winter (without the whole floor-length-robes-and-pointy-hats-situation). Accio cozy sweaters and warm butterbeers!

H  U  F  F  L  E  P  U  F  F
Key Colors: Black and Gold (for a cozier look, go for the mustard-yellows!)
Key Components: The comfiest sweater you can find-- this one from Forever 21 is SO soft.
Hufflepuffs are known for their warm and kind hearts, which is a convenient quality for our “chilly” winter weather. Bundle up in your most heart-warming sweater this winter, because you know that sub-75 forecast is gonna chill us weak Californians to the bone.

R  A  V  E  N  C  L  A  W
Key Colors: Blue and Grey
Key Components: Sweatpants (and for those of us who may experience
real winter weather, a fur lined-jacket as pictured below)
You may be asking yourself why the key component of a wintery-Ravenclaw look should be sweatpants, but hear me out! The most likely candidate to be hunkered-down in the library this December is a wisdom-seeking, curve-setting Ravenclaw. Comfort is key this finals-season, especially when you can get some cozy sweats for $10 by clicking here!

S  L  Y  T  H  E  R  I  N
Key Colors: Green and Black
Key Components: Army jacket (OR exchange the jacket for a
duster-length black sweater for a more Snape-inspired look)
Slytherins. Strong-willed, determined, ambitious. Likely to be found going the extra mile to ensure they are set up for success going into those finals-- whether it’s attending their TA’s office hours, studying well into the night, or sending a strongly-worded email regarding an unjust grade, signing off with “my father will hear about this!”

G  R  Y  F  F  I  N  D  O  R
Key Colors: Burgundy and Bronze
Key Components: brave and bold statement pieces, such as these bell-bottom jeans!
Deep reds are HIGHLY encouraged this holiday season, and I’d venture to say that Gryffindors are typically the ones to get in the holiday spirit as soon as possible. So put on those statement pieces with bravery, knowing that your style is your choice, and don’t worry about how everyone else in your final is wearing sweats and a t-shirt. There’s some truth to the “look-good, feel-good” mantra, and I think we could always use a little morale-boost going into our finals!

If you’re unsure which house you belong to, you can
Join your Hogwarts house here. Until then, “Happy Christmas, Harry!”

Jenna Luck
FAST Blogger


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