Student Trend Saturdays - Embroidery

From unique stitching on jean pockets to pretty threading on a jacket, detailed embroidery is one of the cutest trends around. It adds an element of detail to an outfit that can only be noticed by others once they are drawn into the wearer’s atmosphere, almost like a whispered secret that is only shared with one’s closest confidantes.

The origin of embroidery can be dated back to Cro-Magnon days, or 30,000 BC. Embroidery has also been discovered in archaeological digs in Siberia, China, and Latin America. It is believed to have symbolized the wearer’s financial wealth.

Nowadays, embroidery symbolizes a wearer’s wealth of style. UCLA students can be seen sporting this trend on some of the most unexpected pieces of clothing, making their outfits chic and put-together. Check out how a few Bruins wear their embroidery:

Name: Catherine Zhang
IG: @zhangatron
Major: Psychobiology
Year: Sophomore
Favorite place to shop: Zara

Name: Hannah Rexinger
IG: @hannahrexinger
Major: English
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: Zara
"I actually bought this shirt at Zara in Italy while studying abroad! And my mom bought the same one in a different color, and I steal it from her closet all the time."
Fun fact: Hannah is one of our talented Editorial Directors, and she takes awesome photos. ❤  

Name: Rachel Lee
IG: @rachelleeway
Major: Communications
Year: Sophomore
Favorite place to shop: American Eagle

Name: Ashley Chuang
IG: @ashleybloomss
Favorite place to shop: Uniqlo (pants are from Topshop)

Name: Jackline Martinez
IG: @martinezjackline
Major: Pre-architecture & Latin American Studies
Year: Sophomore
Favorite place to shop: Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, NB Trendy, Fashion Nova

Name: Pashmeen Kaur
Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics
Year: Junior
Favorite place to shop: American Eagle

Genevieve Finn
FAST Blog Team


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