My Valentine

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with a significant other or friends (or a platter of cookies and ice cream), FAST wishes you a day filled with love. We pulled together a collection of reds, whites, and pinks to help you get in the mood to celebrate this special day. Slip on a pair of statement red sunglasses and pair them with a white fur coat, to be just the right amount of extra on your date (that you hopefully don't scare off).  For a more feminine look, put on a floral maxi dress that flows perfectly in the wind, or a simple pink romper or dress.
Roses are red, violets are blue, and here is some fashion inspo for you. We hope that you, too, get a bouquet of 20 heart-shaped balloons. 

Models: Kimberly Oka, Anam Husain
Photographer / Editorial: Adley Wechsler
Photo Editor / Editorial: Hannah Rexinger
Set Helpers / Blog: Kristy Pirone, Elizabeth Kim 

FAST Blog Team


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