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Reimagining Paris Spring Couture 2018

I have a particular penchant for Paris Haute Couture Week, unlike other fashion weeks. I love that it is a celebration of fashion, a parade of gowns that together promulgate the industry’s love of fashion. And love is precisely the vein that runs through every look - each the result of labors of love by the designers who envisioned them, the artisans who hand make each garment, the hair stylists and makeup artists who transform the garments into looks, and the models who bring them to life before an adoring audience. These are not clothes meant to be worn; they are works of art, drawing attention to the creativity and innovation that drive fashion - apt for an industry rooted in artistic tradition. Haute Couture distinguished itself by turning its cheek from the commercialism that dominates the rest of the industry, at least for the most part. As most of the industry strides into the future, streamlining, manufacturing and maximizing production for mass consumption, Haute Couture tak…

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